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The Register Of Contractor Businesses (MEEP) of the Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works (Reg. number 21909)


Road Construction works: 3rd

Building works: 3rd

Hydraulics: 3rd

Harbour works: 2nd

Electromechanical works: 2nd

Industrial-Energy works: 2nd

Water- Waste water works: 1st


MINAVRA TECHNIKI S.A. Established: 2006



ISO 14001

ISO 37001

ISO 39001

ISO 45001

ISO 9001





MINAVRA TECHNIKI S.A. (company profile)


MINAVRA TECHNIKI S.A CONSTRUCTION COMPANY was founded in 2006 by Vasileios Lambrinidis (Chairman & CEO). The company is a natural evolution of the Civil Engineering private practice Mr Lambrinidis owned for more than 15 years.

The huge experience of Mr Lambinidis in construction projects combined with the experience and high qualifications of the employees rapidly boosted the company's portfolio. Having a very good financial articulation, vast public relations and high quality standards, success was quaranteed from the beginning.

Since its establishment the company has undertaken many large and small scale government and private projects such as : Civil Engineering, Hydraulic, Industrial, Defence, Real Estate, Road and port construction.

Minavra Techniki S.A. is ready to cover any construction need, a fact that greatly broadens its potential range of activities as well as its current clientele.

AThe company is seated in Athens city and Lesvos Island, with offices in both locations. Especially in Lesvos Island and the North Aegean, Minavra Techniki S.A. is considered as one of the Top Players amongst the construction companies .

Comprehending the need for suitable partners in perfectly executing each project, Minavra Techniki S.A has established strategic cooperation schemes for studies with major architectural firms, specialized construction firms, subcontractors, product manufacturers and suppliers, around the country.

Minavra Tecniki S.A. is registered with:

  • The Register of Contractor Businesses (MEEP) of the Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works (Reg. number 21909)
  • The Association of Greek Contracting Companies (SATE)(Reg number 1234)

Company structure

Board of Directors

  • Chairman & CEO: Lambrinidis Vasileios (Civil Engineer MEng)
  • Member of the board: Lambrinidis Charalambos
  • Member of the board: Lambrinidis Konstantinos


  • 3 Civil Engineers
  • 1 Mechanical Engineer
  • 1 Surveying Engineer
  • 4 Technologists Engineers
  • 4 Financial accountants
  • 4 Foremen
  • 5 Drivers- Equipment operators


Equipment Inventory

  • Mercedes Benz Actros 3136 dump truck
  • Mercedes benz 817 dump truck
  • Mercedes Benz 3532 dump truck equiped with telescopic crane
  • Daihatsu 5ton dump truck
  • Hitachi 2X550R excavator
  • Hitachi 2X30UR excavator
  • Bobcat S175 Loader
  • Bobcat T743 Loader
  • Ford Ranger Pickup truck
  • Toyota Starlet passenger car
  • Daytona motorcycle
  • Genima power generator Diesel 15KVa
  • Cummins Power generator Diesel 20KVa
  • Honda power generator Petrol
  • Robin power generator Petrol
  • Honda Portable Concrete mixer
  • Subaru Compactor plate
  • Masalta Power Trowel 60cm
  • Masalta Power Trowel 90cm
  • Robin Asphalt - Floor Saw
  • Various Pumps
  • Construction equipment (power tools, formwork ect) © 2011